About Tom Terrific

Tom "Terrific" Schenck is a wellness performance expert and founder of Wellness Performance Consulting a multi-faceted approach to creating successful strategies for individuals, companies and entreprenrures. Tom's vision is to enhance the human condition. He has over 30 years of experience in this space. His unique approach has received national attention and He is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, he holds a graduate degree from Dartmouth College.

He was a shy Minnesota farm boy who read comics after his chores. Tom went on to portray Spider-man for Marvel Comics in New York City and do press conferences with Marvel founder, Stan Lee. Later he went on to write The Super Hero Factor based on his experiences.  His life time accomplishments are living proof that his methods work: He has been a Sales Champion, school Headmaster, founder of the MESE fund, a non profit to help with the mentoring of inner city teachers, nationally ranked bodybuilder, Olympic trials wrestler, marathoner and triathlete. Currently, he is helping to create Sisu Academy, San Diego's first tuition free boarding high school for disengaged and underserved youth. He donates a portion of each of his speaking fees to support this remarkable school. Please go to the website for more information www.sisuacademy.org

He and his wife, Nancy have two sons, and live in San Diego, California

Coming in September, 2018 Tom will be hosting, Villain Crusher, a national talk show that will help people beat the challenges in their daily lives. Each national expert will discuss how their service or product make the lives of the audience better. Topics will range from business and financial services, fashion, home Services, wellness performance and health and fitness.

Villain Crusher will be featured on the Redd TV Network, and distributed by Roku and Amazon channels

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Tom Terrific